This site once was the developing site to an education for other’s to learn about natural means of caring for their horses and other animals. With a primary interest in teaching other’s how to utilize essential oils in a therapeutic way for prevention and intervention of their animal’s health.

Due to FDA restrictions placed upon the company that I was a distributor for, many pages needed to be unpublished.

A new site has been established, but has yet to begin it’s development. Starting with blogging and in hopes of adding many resources, articles, etc. for your learning experience into natural health.  With a very special interest in Essential Oils. However, I will no longer offer affiliation or connection to the company and their products that I once marketed and sold.  The focus will be concentrated on the education of using essential oils for pets, and not centering on any praticular brand name, it’s products or specific essential oils blends.  From there, I will see what the needs of the animal world is and from there I release it’s development into it’s own energy. With much hopes it offers a positive life of it’s own, offering meaning and purpose to many animals and all those who love and care for them.

Till then, this site is pretty much a loose pile of collections and leftover pages of information (both personal stories & educational), that once was a developed combination of a pet wellness and essential oil business.  Now torn down and forced to restart all over again.  Restrategizing and envisioning a new and improved pet wellness business.

Coming in the near future……….





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